Kagura Taiyaki (Taiyaki no Kagura) 天然物たいやきのかぐら

Hokkaido / Sweets

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We are the TAIYAKI shop!!
TAIYAKI is traditional japanese sweets, we make it one by one in classic molds.
It takes the shape of Tai, a high-grade fish eaten during times of
celebration. Because it is eaten so rarely, in imitation this simple
treat was born. To many TAIYAKI is viewed as a good-luck charm.
The outer layer of our TAIYAKI is made using flour produced in
Hokkaido, giving it a crisp texture when warm and spongy when cooled.
In the center of TAIYAKI is anko. "Anko" is a red sweet bean grown
here in Hokkaido. After the beans have been boiled for at least two
hours, sugar and salt are added for flavor.

5-4-1-2, Kagura, Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Hokkaido 070-8005 Map

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