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Sabarol is a street food born in Istanbul, Turkey.
Squeeze the lemon into a shochu with a lot of fat and plenty of vegetables and wrap it tightly with tortilla dough. Place it on an iron plate and baked it with spices on the surface.

SABAROLL is a dish that the owner met while traveling around the world.
It ’s delicious and that taste that you ’ve never forgotten after your trip,
I went to Turkey again because I wanted to be able to make it myself and spread it to Japan.

SABAROLL was the first to learn how to make it locally and started to operate as a kitchen car in Okinawa.
SABA ROLL, which has been growing and operating while changing its shape, has been engulfed in encounters with various people, and will do its best with appreciation in the form of a store.

The local taste that the owner learned in Turkey and brought home,
Please enjoy the first fish kebab in Japan.

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KM building 1F 1-17-1 Izumisaki Naha-shi , Okinawa 900-0021 Map

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