Karaoke Honpo Manekineko Yotsuya-sanchome カラオケ本舗まねきねこ 四谷三丁目店

Tokyo / Several Genres

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Conform to the following rules in order to enjoy your karaoke experience at this establishment.1 For the peace of mind of our customers, we ask that you present a form of identification and fill out a check-in form.[Foreign nationals will need to present one of the two following forms of identification.]PassportResidence Card (or Certificate of Alien Registration)2 Please refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking if you are under the legal age (20 years). Also, please refrain from drinking alcohol if you are driving a car.3 We strictly prohibit the following behavior in this establishment or on establishment premises.4 We reserve the right to prohibit people from entering or using the establishment if they fit the following profiles or in the following situations.5 We will immediately contact the proper authorities in the following cases.6 We will take the following measures in the event any individual damages our facilities or equipment.In the event any individual intentionally or unintentionally damages our facilities or equipment, we will ask said person(s) for full compensation.Moreover, please be forewarned that depending on the severity of the damage, we may also collect compensation for lost sales.7 Please be forewarned that we will not take responsibility in the following circumstances.(1) Theft or loss of goods in the establishment. (Please keep an eye on your belongings, including valuables, at your own risk.)(2) Trouble or accidents within the parking area.Follow the above rules and enjoy karaoke!

Samon Eleven Bldg. 2F, 3-1 Samoncho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0017 Map

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