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About the listing of businesses

We can post information on your business on Halal Gourmet Japan and transmit them to the entire world. We have a selection of 3 plans to choose from, including the easy-start Free Plan and Paid Plan, effective for drawing more customers. You can start posting with the Free Plan just by answering to a simple questionnaire with regards to the level of Muslim-friendly services you offer.

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The benefits of posting

1. The greatest Muslim-friendly restaurant search site in Japan

Many people access Halal Gourmet Japan every day as the Muslim/Vegetarian restaurant search site with No.1 restaurant listings. We post information on restaurants with at least one Muslim-friendly menu with a strong will of wanting Muslims to enjoy eating out.

2. Reaching to Muslims and Vegetarians worldwide by corresponding to multiple languages

We fully support English and Japanese. As mentioned, "Many visitors know about Naritaya through Halal Gourmet Japan" (December 16th 2015, The Nikkei, Digital edition), we have many users including Muslims, said to have a population of 1.6 billion people worldwide.

3. Support attracting customers with Paid Plan and ad delivery services

If you choose a paid plan, we are going to create articles and videos of your restaurant and post it on Halal Media Japan,a website which spreads halal information in Japan.We do recommend you to choose a paid plan if you would like to tell your customers the appeal points of restaurants.

List of plans available

Plan A Plan B Plan C
Basic info *1
Movie Making *2 - -
Article - Contribution *3 Interview *4
HGJ APP *5 -
SNS such as FB or IG *6 - 6times 12times
Consulting *7 - Once Twice
Ranking Service *8 -
Duration No duration 1 year 1 year
Fee per month (tax excluded) *9 Free ¥4,980 ¥14,980

*1 Basic information covers pictogram, business hour, address, TEL, seat capacity, budget, credit card availablity

*2 Transportation Excluded

*3 You are requested to submit article that you would like to post on HALAL MEDIA JAPAN along the format

*4 HALAL MEDIA JAPAN comes to your place and interview with you to write an original article

*5 Notify your restaurant via Halal Gourmet Japan App or coupon service

*6 Promotion on SNS (Facebook、Instagram)

*7 Consulting service covers a call consulting in Plan B. Plan C offers a direct consulting. What we can consult is promotion support, Halal networking and introducing human resources

*8  Will be undertaken based on the standard of Crescentrating, raking company in Singapore

*9  Lump sum payment for a year please.

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