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About Listing Your Business

We offer the opportunity to feature your business on Halal Gourmet Japan, reaching a global audience. Choose from three effective plans designed to attract more customers and simply complete the questionnaire about the Muslim-friendly services your business offers.

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Benefits of Listing Your Business

1. Leading Muslim-Friendly Restaurant Search Site in Japan

Halal Gourmet Japan is the top destination for those searching for Muslim and vegetarian dining options. Daily, numerous visitors access our site, drawn by our extensive listings of restaurants committed to offering at least one Muslim-friendly menu item. We aim to make dining out enjoyable for Muslims.

2. Global Reach to Muslims and Vegetarians

Our platform supports multiple languages, including English and Japanese. As reported by The Nikkei on December 16, 2015, Halal Gourmet Japan is well-known among the global Muslim community, which includes over 1.6 billion people.

3. Customer Attraction Support with Paid Plans

Opting for a paid plan enhances your visibility. We will create and share articles and videos about your restaurant on Halal Media Japan, a site dedicated to disseminating halal information throughout Japan. A paid plan is recommended for those looking to highlight their restaurant’s unique features.

Available Plans (excluding tax)

Plan A Plan B Plan C
Basic info *1
Movie Making *2 - -
Article - Basic *3 Advance *4
Social Media share on Facebook *5 - 6x/year 12x/year
Paid Plan Contract Period None A year A year
Listing fee *7 None ¥59,760 (¥4,980/month) ¥179,760 (¥14,980/month)
Registration fee 19,980 yen - -

*1 Basic Information - Includes a pictogram, business hours, address, telephone number, seating capacity, budget, and credit card availability.

*2 Transportation - Not included.

*3 Simple short articles

*4 Promotional article with more approach

*5 Social Media Promotion - Includes regular posting on Halal Gourmet Japan's official Facebook page

*6 Consulting Services - Plan B includes call consulting; Plan C includes direct, in-person consulting (excluding transportation fee). Consulting topics can include promotional support, Halal networking, and human resource introductions.

*7 Payment - Please make a lump sum payment (annual payment only)

Optional service (excluding tax)

Consultation Services for Opening a Halal Restaurant (expert advice and guidance on starting a halal restaurant, ensuring compliance with halal standards and successful business operations) ¥49,980
Muslim Menu Development Monitoring Service (expert monitoring and guidance for developing menus that cater to Muslim needs) ¥29,980
Set Up a Facebook Page ¥19,980
Set Up an Instagram Page ¥19,980
Set Up a TripAdvisor Page ¥19,980
Produce a Promotional Video ¥199,980
Press Release Submission (Article) ¥39,980

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