Indian Restaurant Masala Art インド料理 マサラアート

Yamanashi / Indian

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Masala Art is an Indian restaurant owned by an Indian chef.
We offer foods that meet the needs of various people such as halal food menu, vegan and vegetarian menu.
The restaurant able to accommodate up to 45 people.
Located close to Kofu Minami Inter, easily accessed by large buses and medium-sized buses.
Various groups of customers such as Dubai Japan Inspection Team, Malaysian student school trip, Indian sightseeing tour came.

甲府市中小河原町575-1, Yamanashi 400-0854 Map

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  • Opening hours

    Lunch 11:30-14:30 Dinner 17:30-22:30

  • Close Thursday (open if national holiday falls on Thursday)
  • Address 甲府市中小河原町575-1, Yamanashi 400-0854
  • Phone 055-241-3311
  • E-mail
  • Website