JR Nara Umemori Sushi School (reservation required) JR奈良 うめもり寿司学校(ご予約のみ)

Nara / Sushi

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YOU can make sushi. Experience a Japanese culture at Umemori Sushi School ▼3POINTS 1) Sight-seeing spots in Nara Close to famous Deer Park and Todaiji Temple. You can experience authentic. Japanese culture yourself. 2) Hands on experience of representative Japanese cuisine, sushi. Experience your original sushi making. 3) For your lunch and dinner Make and eat your own sushi for your meal during your visit in Nara. ▼About us A new tourists spot in Nara. memori Sushi School. You can make a representative Japanese cuisine “sushi” yourself and eat what you make.And that will be a great lunch or dinner around Deer Park and Todaiji Temple.Our aspiration is for you to get to know more about Japan and to “experience” Japanese culture.And we wish to offer you the opportunity to make your original sushi which nobody else can do. It will be a special experience at Umemori Sushi School. Make your original sushi. - Select a course “Nigiri” sushi? “Maki (roll) sushi”? Or both? - Select your plate Select your favorite place. The design of plate gives a different impression. - Select your uniform You can pick from the various selections from a traditional sushi chef uniform to an Anime costume. - Select toppings Arrange your original sushi on the plate of your choice in your style. Try to express the delicacy of Japanese heart and soul in details. - Select a background Take a photo of your original sushi in your favorite background. With no doubt, it will be an experience you’ll be proud of yourself.

1-1-215 Sanjo-Honmachi, Nara-shi, Nara 630-8122 Map

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