Hotel & Ryokan Ayunosato 清流山水花あゆの里

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A long-standing hot spring inn located in Hitoyoshi, the center of Southern-Kyushu. The concept is an "inn of Japanese peace and enjoyment" where you can enjoy the Japanese-style space and peaceful spirit in a resort atmosphere with a structure full of the warmth of trees. It is a space for healing and relaxation, with a lounge overlooking the mountains, large public bath, footbath at the entrance, library salon in front of the shop, and a shochu cellar in the basement offering local specialty "Kuma Shochu" from 28 local breweries. There are 76 guest rooms, most of which face the Kuma River, so that you can enjoy a river view. The modern Japanese concept rooms with a hot spring open-air bath and picture window are also recommended. Dinner is a kaiseki-style meal with plenty of local ingredients, and breakfast is a buffet with about 40 different types of Japanese and Western food. The hot spring quality is known for being good for skin, with a rich texture and high moisture retention. Our head chef, who specializes in Japanese cuisine, in cooperation with other chefs that specialize in Western cuisine, have crafted a halal menu for your enjoyment that is befitting of the “home of the ayu sweetfish.” The menu includes generous helpings of fresh vegetables from the Hitoyoshi-Kuma region; salt-grilled ayu sweetfish, which is the signature product of Hitoyoshi; and halal-certified kuroge-wagyu beef steak.
Local Halal-Certification; with a wide range of visitors from both Japan and around the world, we are committed to ensuring our Muslim guests can relax and enjoy their time at our hotel. We understand the customs and food-culture of our valued Muslim guests and have now secured local halal-certification. Also, we provide the following facilities; prayer mats, female and male prayer dress, male prayer caps, Korans (English only), bath mats, disposable slippers (indoor only) for use after ablutions, prayer times during your stay.

30 Kokonoka-cho,Hitoyoshi-shi, Kumamoto 868-0004 Map

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  • Address 30 Kokonoka-cho,Hitoyoshi-shi, Kumamoto 868-0004
  • Phone 0966-22-2171
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