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No meat, fish, or additives are used in any of the dishes served at Lotus & Flowers One, even in broths. We use dairy products and eggs in some of our desserts (cage-free unfertilized eggs). We do not use any additives such as preservatives, artificial colorings, refined sugar, refined salt, or seasonings that are not naturally brewed. Vegetable burger is one of our popular menus. The menu might be difficult to understand, so we suggest you come accompanied by a friend that knows Japanese. Moreover, since we are a small restaurant, we would appreciate if you make reservation. We also take reservation for one customer.

3-60-11,Wada, Suginamiku, Tokyo 166-0012 Map

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  • Opening hours

    Lunch 11:30-14:30

    Dinner 18:00-22:30 Please give me coming to the store by 21:00

  • Close Daily Open
  • Address 3-60-11,Wada, Suginamiku, Tokyo 166-0012
  • Phone 03-6304-9441
  • Website http://www.lotus-one.jp