Jame jam ジャーメ ジャム

Tokyo / Iranian

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Jame Jam is a magical vase that is capable of looking over the entire world that was once owned by the King of Persia. The vase is filled with beautiful scenery and events interweaved by various people. Here at Jame Jam in Asagaya, printed cotton, carpets, and copper wares are displayed, conveying the charm of Persia, and in here, people from different backgrounds gather together with Persian food made by the Iranian owner and talk endlessly about different subjects.

2-20-7 asagayaminami suginamiku, Tokyo Map

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  • Close Daily Open
  • Address 2-20-7 asagayaminami suginamiku, Tokyo
  • Phone 03-3311-3223
  • Website http://www.jamejam.jp/