Dar Roiseau  ダールロワゾー

Tokyo / Moroccan

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We renovated the restaurant that continued for 9 years into a Moroccan restaurant in 2010. We have been serving alcohol including Moroccan wine, Moroccan beer, French wine. Although not many Moroccan wine imported into Japan, it has deep flavor, and is almost sad that many Moroccan people cannot drink due to religious reasons. In terms of its geography, delicious wine is made in Morocco, which is located beneath Spain and France striding over the ocean. However, these wines are always made for tourists or shipped to different countries. We always wished to introduce these wines to more people. Then in 2011, we welcomed former chefs from French Moroccan restaurant, “Tanja” in Shirokane and started suggesting combinations that are not often observed in Muslim countries (alcohol and pork dishes) such as home made sausage and ham that goes good with Moroccan wine by extending the border of Moroccan cooking. Of course, we also have traditional Moroccan dishes in our menu such as couscous, kebab, tagin, tangia, etc.; but we became a restaurant that may also be casually visited as a bistro that serves alcohol with the addition of snacks are good with wine.

2-13-17 sangenchaya setagayaku, Tokyo 154-0024 Map

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  • Close Sunday (It's regular holiday-less on Monday once a month.)
  • Address 2-13-17 sangenchaya setagayaku, Tokyo 154-0024
  • Phone 03-3418-8603
  • Website http://roiseau.jp/