PAO Caravan Sarai   包キャラヴァンサライ

Tokyo / Several Genres

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We have eaten schiff kebab in Karachi Kabul, Peshawar, and chopan kabob of Mazār-e Sharīf. Make distinctive lamb dishes. Lamb becomes very flavorful when cooked appropriately, and we would like to cherish this flavor. We use halal ingredients for our dishes, so Muslim customers can enjoy their food without worry.

2-25-6higashinakano nakanoku, Tokyo 164-0003 Map

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  • Opening hours

    Mon-Sat17:00-24:00 ( 22:45 drink 23:30)

    Sun,Public 17:00-23:00 ( 22:00 drink 22:30)

  • Close Daily Open
  • Address 2-25-6higashinakano nakanoku, Tokyo 164-0003
  • Phone 03-3371-3750
  • Website