Bisunu cocowalk nagasaki store ビスヌ ココウォーク長崎店

Nagasaki / Indian

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The owner and head chef is Mr. Saluma Sham Sundar. He trained in restaurants in hotels since the age of 17 and became a head chef at a five-star restaurant. Subsequently, he came to Japan to spread authentic Indian food in Japan. He expanded the number of stores in northern Kyushu. Curry at Binusu uses various spices differently depending on the ingredients used, such as meat, seafood, and vegetables. All spices were grown in the vast land of India. Spices include several tens of types of different spices such as ginger, which helps digestion and increase appetite, along with turmeric, which helps burning fat. These are not only good for your health, but also has great beauty effects. Please make a reservation prior to visit if you wish for menu using halal meat.

1-55 morimachi nagasakishi, Nagasaki 852-8104 Map

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