Te’PAN Le OMUS テッパン ル オムス

Saitama / Japanese

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<Te 'PAN Le OMUS>Here, you can enjoy the iron plate dishes of domestic Halal beef and organic vegetables, which faces the streets of "the storehouse" that reflects the good old days. Counter which can be called the special seating in the store is a recommended space to enjoy the smell of fragrant meat, chef's skill. In a private room that protects everyone's privacy, you can enjoy your meal while watching the scenery of Koedo. Please spend more luxurious time than usual in this place inviting nostalgia.

201 Meibunkan, 8-11 Saiwai-cho, Kawagoe, Saitama 350-0063 Map

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  • Opening hours

    [Lunch] 12:00-14:30 ; [Dinner] 17:30-21:00 

  • Close Tuesday, 1st and 3rd Monday
  • Address 201 Meibunkan, 8-11 Saiwai-cho, Kawagoe, Saitama 350-0063
  • Phone 049-298-6377
  • E-mail omus@nobeer-nolife.com
  • Website http://nobeer-nolife.com/
  • Reservation Need reservation at least until a day before